ARISSTO Tea Capsules

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ARISSTO tea experts traveled across China, India, Sri Lanka,
Kenya and Turkey to carefully handpick a selection of high-quality
teas and added European fruits, flowers and herbs to create a
premium tea collection that offers relaxing properties with refreshing spins.
Our unique blends include Ceylon Black Tea, Green Tea, Earl Grey, Rose Black
Tea and Passion Fruit Black Tea.

  • Prince: Pure Green Tea
    A selection of green tea leaves from Sri Lanka that promotes fresh aroma with a hint of fruity notes.
  • Princess: Pure Ceylon Black Tea with Rose Flavour
    Savor unique floral notes with smooth, light flavours in blend of Ceylon black tea infused with natural rose essence.
  • The King: Pure Ceylon Black Tea
    Full-bodied Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka that is perfect for brewing English milk tea and fruit tea.
  • The Queen: The Queen
    Pure Ceylon Black Tea with Passion Fruit Flavour
    Taste fresh fruity flavours in the blend of full-bodied Ceylon black tea infused with natural passion fruit flavour.
  • Earl: Pure Earl Grey Tea with Bergamot Flovour
    A blend of Ceylon black teas with an infusion of bergamot oil that promote fresh and natural citrus notes.

Contains 10 capsules/box

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