Organic Camomile & Spearmint Tea

RM 17.50

This infusion is the perfect partnership to support your digestion. Refreshing spearmint helps clear your head while fragrant Camomile lets you unwind.

Medicinal benefits: Camomile and spearmint are great partners in the digestive tract where they reduce acidity and nausea, stimulate digestion, reduce abdominal cramps and have a gentle laxative action. Camomile can also soothe the nervous system, relax the body and ease tension headaches to promote sound sleep. Spearmint is widely used as a breath freshener. It also relaxes the peripheral blood vessels and this cooling effect helps alleviate headaches. Both herbs have a cooling affect on the skin and camomile has a marked anti-histamine action. This makes it ideal for treating hot, itchy skin conditions, allergies and hay fever.


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